11th Zil Hajj – The Fourth Day

11th – The Fourth Day

Devote the stay of to praying and praising Allah. It is obligatory to pass the night of 10th and 11th in Mina and to perform Rami of the three Jamrat on 11th and 12th Zil Hajj after Zawaal. For Rami, go to Jamrat with more than twenty-one pebbles, Strike seven pebbles on 1st Jamrah reciting the prayer mentioned before and then stay facing Ka’aba near it for five minutes praying for your welfare, then proceed to second Jamrah, strike seven pebbles and stay a few meter ahead from Jamrah for five minute prayer and then proceed to the last Jamrah i.e. Jamrat al-Uqbah, strike seven pebbles and return to your camp without staying or praying after it. For ladies and old persons it is allowed to perform the Rami even after sunset on 11th and 12th Zil Hajj otherwise it is makrooh.


The Rami on 10th should be performed before Zawaal. It is sunset. But it is makrooh after sunset and forbidden after the dawn of 11th then a blood sacrifice is due to him as a penalty, which is known as Dum.

The time of Rami on 11th, 12th and 13th starts from Zawaal to sunset, from sunset to next dawn it is makrooh and forbidden after the dawn of next day. If a person could not perform it in the prescribed time, then a Dum is Wajib.

NAHAR. The sacrifice of animal for Tamattu and should be performed from the dawn of 10th to the sunset of 12th Zil Hajj, within the Haram territory preferably in Mina. If a person did it after this period or outside the Haram territory then a dum will be Wajib.

HALAQ. The head shaving or hair shortening should be performed from dawn of the 10th to the sunset of 12th within the Haram territory. Performing it after the prescribed period or outside the Haram territory will be subjected to a Dum. To perform Rami, Nahar and Halaq in the same order is also wajib. If a person performed Halaq before Nahar or Rami after Halaq then a Dum will be wajib.

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