A Call for Cause: Flood Relief in Bihar

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Assalamu alaikum, 

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Islam,

The monsoon season has struck hard across Bihar this year, causing extensive damage to thousands of lives, livestock, water supply, livelihood, telecommunications and road accessibility hampering relief & rescue operations. This is one such worst disaster in this decade.

The charity is one the resource to provide flood-affected families in Bihar &West Bengal with food, medicine, hygiene supplies and temporary shelters.

Let us remember Allah and his Rasool donate today and help bring ministration to brothers and sisters in Bihar.

To Transfer In India

M/s Movement
SB A/c No – 0419101106169
IFSC No – CNRB0000419
Bangalore-560 082

In the transaction remarks while transferring online


Cheque’s, Demand Draft, in the name of
, Bangalore 

They need your help. Support our humanitarian response in Bihar & West Bengal

Jazakallahu Khairan!!

+91-90601 07861

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