Conditions of The blessed Pilgrimage – Hajj

Conditions of The blessed Pilgrimage –  Hajj

Pilgrimage – Hajj

  1. One must be a .
  2. One must be an adult.
  3. One must be sane.
  4. A woman must travel with her husband or a Mahram (a man she cannot marry at all).
  5. The pilgrim should have sufficient money for his journey as well as for his dependants whom he leaves at home.Hajj is only for Ta’alaVerser: “And for the sake of Allah, the people are to perform pilgrimage to this house, who could find a there.” (Surah Aal E Imran, Verse 97)

Hajj is obligatory upon those who can “make their way” to Makkah. That is to say that the requirement is not absolute, but incumbent upon those whose health and means permit it, and who in doing so, do not compromise their responsibilities towards their families. Hajj relates to the of tests and trials lived by Hazrat Ibrahim (Alahissalam) and his son Prophet Hazrat Ismail (Alaihissalam) in the vicinity of Makkah.


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