The First Day of Hajj 8th Zill Hajj – Yaum-al-Tarwiah

The First Day of 8th Zill Hajj – Yaum-al-Tarwiah

It is called Yavm-e-Tarwiyya. If you are performing Qiran or Ifrad Hajj, then you are already in Ahram, which you wore at Meeqaat. If you are performing Tamattu Hajj and you have put off your Ahram after performing Umrah during Hajj season, then you should again put on Ahram on 7th or 8th for Hajj. For this purpose take a bath, put on two white unsewn sheets, go to Haram Sharif and after offering two raka’at Nafl of Ahram, make the intention for Ahram of Hajj. If the time of Namaaz is makrooh, then the intention for Ahram of Hajj. If the time of Namaz is makrooh, then the intention may be made after Farz Namaz, without the Nafl of Ahram.

If you want to perform the Saee of Hajj before Vaqoof of Arafa then perform a Nafl Tawaaf with Ramal and Iztibah and then perform Saee with the particular intention of Saee of Hajj. But to perform the Saee of Hajj after the Tawaaf of Ziyarat is better.

On this day, you leave Makkaah for after sunrise in the echoing atmosphere of Lab-baik-Al-laa-hum-ma Lab-baik. You feel yourself in, an angelic world, wave after wave of human races from all over the world flow and flood towards the barren plain of Mina. Speaking various dialects, they are all folded in the Sacred dress Ahram and utter the Heavenly call of Lab-baik.

This is the living miracle of the unity of Islam. preferably be attended in Masjid-e-khaif, in Mina, where Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu Alaihi Was Sallam) stayed and offered Namaaz. But if you are afraid of losing your camp, then offer the Namaaz withJamaat in you camp.

The old and weak and women should not go out of the camp unnecessarily, because there are hundreds of lost cases every year. When you go out of the camp, make sure that you have the card of your Muallim. Devote your stay in Mina to prayers. and Astagfaar. Repent from past sins and resolve firmly to lead a pious life according to the command of the Almighty Allah and the Traditions of Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam).

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