Hajj – Intention of the Pilgrimage

Hajj – Intention of the Pilgrimage

The ibaadah of has the exclusive status of being obligatory only once a time, for those who can afford it. It is therefore important that the sincerity of intention must be given due regard. In other ibaadaat and devotions it is possible to gradually develop devotion, whereas the time available for Hajj is usually limited. The need for devotion is vital because a can never be repeated. During your journey to Hajj a concerted effort towards developing this all-important sincerity must be made.

The person who intends to perform hajj must do so with the express intention of attaining Allah’s pleasure, and to fulfill one’s fardh, and also to diligently carry out the commands of and His Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). The rewards for deeds depend greatly on the intention that is formed. Sincerity is extremely important.

It is important that Hajj should be kept free of ulterior and worldly motives. There are three types of adulterations, which are possible in the performance of Hajj:

To ruin the Hajj even before departing from home by having a desire to be called a Haajee, and using haraam or doubtful earnings for this ibaadah.

To engage in improper acts while performing Hajj, such as committing sins during the time that one is engaged in the performance of Hajj, to have arguments, not to make Taubah (repentance).

To complete the Hajj and then to indulge in such deeds that defile the Hajj, e.g. to neglect the obligatory salaat, to indulge in etc.

Perform the Hajj with all its requisites, for anything done in keeping with this is well accomplished. While in Hajj do not do things to display to others.

On returning from Hajj do not emphasize the difficulties which may have been endured, instead turn your attention towards the eternal benefits and rewards you will receive. One must understand that the difficulties endured during this sacred journey are insignificant compared to the high position one will receive in Paradise.

When departing from home, the only intention in the heart should be the search for Allah’s Pleasure. All other evil intentions, as for example to show people or to wish to be called a Haji or the intention of having an enjoyable tour, should be completely removed from the mind.

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