Hajj – The one of the five pillars of Islam.

Hajj – The one of the five pillars of .

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. The yearly flood of pilgrims from the remotes places of Islam has been a remarkable means of spiritual renewal for distant communities, which are thus brought closer to the manifest centre of Islam. Historically, the pilgrimage has been a means of knitting together the many races and nations that make the Muslim community, and there is no other event on earth that can compare with it.

Hajj is only for Ta’ala

Verse: “And for the sake of Allah, the people are to perform pilgrimage to this house, who could find a way there.” (Surah Aal E Imran, Verse 97)

There are three ways of Performing the Hajj

Hajj at-Tamatt’u (Interrupted) this means entering into ahram for the Umrah, taking off after performing the Umrah, and then entering into Ahram again for the . People who come from other countries usually perform Hajj at-Tamatt’u.

Hajj al Qiran (Combined) this means entering into Ahram for both the Umrah and the Hajj at the same time, not taking off the Ahram until the day of sacrifice at Mina.

Hajj al-Ifrad (Single) this means entering into Ahram only for the Hajj.

My Beloved sallal laahu alaihi wasallam’s beloved devotees! We know that Hajj is compulsory on all those that are able to perform it, if they have the means. Those that can afford to perform pilgrimage should focus on the beginning of the ayah. Hajj is only “for the sake of Allah” and for His pleasure. It is not for fame, for a name or title, there should only be one yearning, and that is “O Allah, I am performing this only for you.” You will see the blessings of this in both worlds . May Allah Ta’ala grant us all Hajj for His Pleasure. Aameen

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