Imam Ahmad Raza and the scholars of Haramayn

Imam Ahmad Raza and the scholars of Haramayn

Imam Ahmad Raza was not just a personality revered and accepted by the scholars of the Indian Subcontinent – even the scholars of Haramayn accepted his leadership and his status as the Mujaddid of his era. These are the words of some scholars of Makka in praise of Imam Ahmad Raza.

Mawlana Muhammad Yusuf al-Afghani al-Makki writes:

He whose existence the era is proud of.1

Shaykh Salih Kamal Mufti Hanafiya writes:

A sea of merits, the coolness of the eyes of scholars, Mawlana, Muhaqqiq, the blessing of the era, Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi. May Allah preserve him.2

Shaykh Abu’l Khayr Mirdad writes:

Indeed he is that ‘Allama and Fadil who solves problems with the light of his eyes – his name is Ahmad Raza Khan.3

Shaykh Abdur Rahman Dahan writes:

The one on whom the scholars rely; the ‘Allama of his time; the unique; for whom the scholars of Makka bear witness that he is the leader; the


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