Five Days

Pilgrimage – Five Days of Hajj

Pilgrimage – Five Days of Hajj

The Hajj starts on 8th Zil Hajj and ends on 12th Zil Hajj of every Hijri year. These are know as the Five days are described here.

Hajj may be performed in three ways:

  1. IFRAD i.e. Hajj alone
  2. Q1RAN i.e. Hajj and Umrah in one Ahram during the Hajj season
  3. 3.TAMATTU i.e. Hajj and Umrah separately in two Ahrams during the Hajj season. It is necessary to make the intention clearly as to the type of Hajj when putting on the Ahram, because once you make an intention, you are not allowed to change it

The First Day of Hajj 8th Zill Hajj – Yaum-al-Tarwiah

The Second Day 9th Zill Hajj Yaum-e-Vaqoof or Yaum-e-Arafa

The Third Day of Hajj- 10th Zil Hajj

11th Zil Hajj – The Fourth Day

12th Zil Hajj the Fifth Day and 13th Zil Hajj

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