Share The Gift of Qurbani Feed The Hungry

Share The Gift of Feed The Hungry


The Gift of Zil-Hijja Mushtaraka Qurbani or Share Sacrifice

The Gift of Zil-Hijja Mushtaraka or Share Sacrifice

Qurbani marks the end of Hajj – pilgrimage, and is a time to reflect upon the significance of sacrifice with the Islamic tradition. The Muslim world celebrates and honors the tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim (Alahis Salaam) by sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those in need.

“Neither their flesh reaches to Allah nor their blood, but your piety reaches him.” Surah Hajj 22:37
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, said “for every hair of the Qurbani you will receive a reward from Allah, and for every strand of its wool you will receive a reward.”

Alhamdulillah!!! , has been carrying out Qurbani Sacrifice on behalf of the Muslim community from many years.

1.Mushtarka Qurbani or Joint Sacrifice (Share) 

We are Happy to announce the system of JOINT SACRIFICE (Share) / Mushtarka Qurbani. Good and healthy animals which are to be sacrificed on the Eve of Bakarid. Those persons who are interested in Buying a share are requested to book their as early as possible at the below given details

Share Sacrifice

 Per Share $54 

2.Share the gift of Qurbani with the Poor and Deserving Muslims

Muslims observe Qurbani by sharing meat with the less fortunate. For many people around the world, meat means nutrition—calories and nutrients they cannot get from any other food. It also means celebration—it is an expensive treat that is enjoyed mainly on special occasions.

Alhamduillah! , has taken up initiative to distribute Qurbani Meat to the poor and deserving Muslims where they get opportunity to eat meat on the day of ‘Eid Ul Adh’haa will bring them tremendous joy, especially at the same time.

According to Islamic Sharia the Qurbani meat in each share is divided into 3 parts i.e. themselves, relative and the poor / needy ones.

Help us send love to millions this Eid. With one in eight people going to bed hungry around the world, your gift could mean everything to a family on Eid morning. Send Love; send Qurbani J Book Your Share Today!!!

3.Appeal for Qurbani Skin – Animal Hide

Kindly contribute your Qurbani animal Skin / animal hide to .  Our Volunteers will collect the Qurbani skin from your door step at the same time the receipt will be issued. (Bangalore only) .For Non-Bangaloreans Please donate equivalent amount of the Qurbani skin – Hide to us.


Alhamdulillah!!! Movement is running many Madrasas – Islamic Schools in Karnataka where more than 500 students study here. Imam Ahmed Raza Movement needs your support and co-operation as we are expanding vast day by day. You can help us by giving Qurbani skin by which we make use for Madrasa Expenses; other charity works as it is said in Hadith in Sahih Muslim

“Allah is helping the servant as long as the Servant is helping his brother.”

To transfer from Banks in India:
M/s  Imam Ahmed Raza Movement
SB A/c No – 0419101106169
IFSC No – CNRB0000419
D.J.Halli Branch,
Bangalore-560 082

From Outside India:
Kindly write back to us on /
PingBack us on whatsapp +91-9060107861
or you can make us direct Paypal Transfer to us
Paypal Email:

In the transaction remarks while transferring online

MENTION Qurbani-2016

Cheques, Demand Draft, in the name of



@ No.13, 5th Cross, Muneshwara Nagar, Shampur Main Road, Bangalore – 45. India

Jazakallahu Khairan!!

In India:
+91 916 409 2786
+91 988 085 9438
+91 996 417 8692 

In Saudi Arabia:
+966 56 841 8228

$ 54.00
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Donation Total: $54.00

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