The Suyuti of Hind | Imam Ahmed Rida Khan

The Suyuti of Hind | Imam Ahmed Rida Khan

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Shaykh Umar al-Hussain Baghdadi talking about how he first encountered the great Imam Ahmed Rida Khan radiyAllahu anhu.


Transcript in English below:

My brothers for the sake of Allah. We are reminded of the days of Iraq.

We use to stay at the madrassah of Bishr al-Hafi (Allah is pleased with him). And the Indians and Pakistanis would come and stand like this around the graves melodiously reciting this melody for which we would not know the meaning for. And they would say “Upon the chosen paragon of mercy a multitude of salaam. Upon the light of all the Prophets a multitude of salaam”. But we would not know the meaning of these words.

We questioned them, “Who are you?” They replied, “We are from Pakistan.” 

Pakistan is the country of the beloveds of the Messenger of Allah (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him).

“Who are you?” We’d ask, “What is this you’re reciting?”

And we would go to the Masjid of Sayyidi Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilaani (Allah is pleased with him) and the Pakistanis and Indians would come. Like this they would say, “Upon the chosen paragon of mercy a multitude of salaam. Upon the light of all the Prophets a multitude of salaam”. 

“Who are you? And what are these words you are reciting?” We would ask.

From amongst them we saw some students of knowledge and scholars who replied, 

“These are the words of our Imam, Ahmed Rida Khan (Allah is pleased with him).”

So we questioned regarding Imam Ahmed Rida Khan.

And with the liked of Imam Ahmed Rida, we have a leader like the legend Imam As-Suyuti.

It is unheard of in the lands of the Arabs about a man that wrote so many books, sayings, poetry and thoughts that resembled Imam As-Suyuti (Allah is pleased with him).

But we were unaware that there was one present in India that resembled him, named Ahmed Rida.

The Imam of Love, Ahmed Rida!
The Imam of Zuhd (Ascetism) and Taqwa (Piety)
The Imam of the Pious and Pure
The Imam of Muhammadi love
The one that taught you the love of the Messenger (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him).

It is a miracle that after every prayer the Muslims stand, after every Friday prayer and after every gathering they stand to send peace and blessings upon the Messenger with the poetic couplets that were mentioned by Imam Ahmed Rida.

Even in Baghdad when we would listen to the Eulogisers praises of the Prophet Muhammad, the likes of Owais Qadiri and those with beautiful voices, they would be reciting poems written by Imam Ahmed Rida Khan.

We ask Allah to raise us amongst them. We ask Allah to place the reward of this gathering into the deeds of this Shaykh, of his Shaykhs, in the deeds of our Shaykhs and the noble Family of the Prophet.

O Brothers in attendance, glad tidings! Glad tidings!

He who is happy with the Prophet, the Prophet (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him) is happy with him.

I don’t wish to exceed upon you. I say this and may Allah forgive me and you.

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