Share The Gift of Qurbani Feed The Hungry

Share The Gift of Qurbani Feed The Hungry


The Gift of Zil-Hijja Mushtaraka Qurbani or Share Sacrifice

The Gift of Zil-Hijja Mushtaraka Qurbani or Share Sacrifice

Qurbani marks the end of Hajj – pilgrimage, and is a time to reflect upon the significance of sacrifice with the Islamic tradition. The Muslim world celebrates and honors the tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim (Alahis Salaam) by sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those in need.

“Neither their flesh reaches to Allah nor their blood, but your piety reaches him.” Surah Hajj 22:37
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, said “for every hair of the Qurbani you will receive a reward from Allah, and for every strand of its wool you will receive a reward.”

Alhamdulillah!!! Imam Ahmed Raza Movement, Bangalore has been carrying out Qurbani Sacrifice on behalf of the Muslim community from many years.

1.Mushtarka Qurbani or Joint Sacrifice (Share) 

We are Happy to announce the system of JOINT SACRIFICE (Share) / Mushtarka Qurbani. Good and healthy animals which are to be sacrificed on the Eve of Bakarid. Those persons who are interested in Buying a share are requested to book their as early as possible at the below given details

Share Sacrifice

 Per Share $54 

2.Share the gift of Qurbani with the Poor and Deserving Muslims

Muslims observe Qurbani by sharing meat with the less fortunate. For many people around the world, meat means nutrition—calories and nutrients they cannot get from any other food. It also means celebration—it is an expensive treat that is enjoyed mainly on special occasions.

Alhamduillah! Imam Ahmed Raza Movement, Bangalore has taken up initiative to distribute Qurbani Meat to the poor and deserving Muslims where they get opportunity to eat meat on the day of ‘Eid Ul Adh’haa will bring them tremendous joy, especially at the same time.

According to Islamic Sharia the Qurbani meat in each share is divided into 3 parts i.e. themselves, relative and the poor / needy ones.

Help us send love to millions this Eid. With one in eight people going to bed hungry around the world, your gift could mean everything to a family on Eid morning. Send Love; send Qurbani J Book Your Share Today!!!

3.Appeal for Qurbani Skin – Animal Hide

Kindly contribute your Qurbani animal Skin / animal hide to Imam Ahmed Raza Movement.  Our Volunteers will collect the Qurbani skin from your door step at the same time the receipt will be issued. (Bangalore only) .For Non-Bangaloreans Please donate equivalent amount of the Qurbani skin – Hide to us.


Alhamdulillah!!! Imam Ahmed Raza Movement is running many Madrasas – Islamic Schools in Karnataka where more than 500 students study here. Imam Ahmed Raza Movement needs your support and co-operation as we are expanding vast day by day. You can help us by giving Qurbani skin by which we make use for Madrasa Expenses; other charity works as it is said in Hadith in Sahih Muslim

“Allah is helping the servant as long as the Servant is helping his brother.”

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$ 54.00
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Islamic New Year 1437AH

Assalamu Alaikum to All our Brethren.

Imam Ahmed Raza Movement wishes Everyone a very happy Islamic New Year 1437AH

1437 Hijri


Freedom From illness – Free Medical Camp

Freedom From illness – Free Medical Camp

Hadith: The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ There is no DISEASE that Allah has sent down except that He has also sent down its TREATMENT [The Book of Medicine: Sahih al-Bukhari]

Imam Ahmed Raza Movement – Bangalore is organizing a Free Medical Camp and Al Hijama at Razack Palya, Bagalur Post, Bangalore North on 23 Sunday, August – 2015 From 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Voluntarily Contributions are Highly Appreciated Towards Medicine and other Treatment Expenses.
Call us +91-9886051066

Hadith of the Day: Knowledge

Hadith of the Day: Knowledge

Narrated by Hazrat Anas  رضي الله تعالى عنه . : Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said,
“He who left to seek the knowledge of deen, remains on the path of Allah untill he returns.”

[ Sunan e Tirmizi, Kitaab: Al Ilmu An Rasoolillaah صلى الله عليه وسلم , Baab:Fazlu Talb il ilm]

Virtues of Sayyiduna Ali Radi Allahu Anhu

A few Sayings of the Beloved Messenger of Allah  Sallalaahu Alaihi Wasllam About Sayyiduna Ali Radi Allahu Anhu

  • You are my brother in this world and the hereafter. (Tirmidhi)
  • To look at ‘Ali is an Act of Worship. (Tabarani and Hakim)
  • He who harms ‘Ali harms me. (Abu Ya’la and Bazzar)
  • He who insults ‘Ali, insults me (Ahmad and hakim)
  • You will fight in support of the Quran just like I fought to convey its message. (Ahmed and Hakim)

O Muslims! It should be known that human life is of two types.

O Muslims! It should be known that human life is of two types.

Firstly, the worldly life which will last for a limited period and then it will perish. The duration of life, which Allah (Azw’wajjal) our Creator has bestowed upon every individual cannot be increased nor decreased and there is no power in the world that can change this. Secondly, the other life is the everlasting life of the Hereafter which will never perish unlike the uneternal worldly life. The eternal and everlasting life is dependent upon the worldly life; as the way a person spends his worldly life will influence the eternal life. Thus, it is necessary upon every intelligent person that he puts his utmost effort in order to make this temporary life successful. In every second of his life, he should be concerned about ways of perfecting this life so that he gains an ideal life in the Hereafter.

But How can a person Make his worldly life successful?

The answer is that there is only one method by which one can make his worldly life successful and other methods are only to devastate this life. The only method is that he should keep his relations with the Creator and the creation like the way the Beloved Prophet kept his and try to make all the teachings given by the Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) his main aim in life.

In other words, he should follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) until he becomes an ideal reflection of him. His day to day life should be spent the way the Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) spent his days and night, up to the to the extent that he should follow the Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) in every aspect of his life may it be worship, obeying customs and traditions, conversing and travelling, sitting and standing, meeting the old, young and his beloveds, eating, drinking and dressing, cleanliness of the body, when awake or asleep. In other words, in all the actions, manners and customs a person should follow the Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) footsteps till he leaves this temporary world to the eternal world; the Hereafter.

One can observe that in this world, all different nations uphold strongly to their tradition and customs. Up to the extent we see that in order to pass on their customs and traditions, not only have they made financial sacrifices, but have also sacrificed their lives.

However, it is a great shame that the so-called Muslims are renouncing the Islamic customs and traditions and not only this, they have began to adopt the lives, the customs and the traditions of those who have enmity for Islam. This can be observed by the way they talk, walk, eat, drink, and by their behavior and manners. They have become so engrossed in mimicking the life styles of enemies that they have also made their children and women follow that un-Islamic way of life.

They think they are the true lovers of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) and in actions, they are with the enemies of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam), can we ever class this as true love?!

Our respected brothers and sisters of Islam! Listen, and listen attentively! The King of Madina, the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) had spent his days and nights in such a way that he never forgot remembering Allah. It is this style of life, which will enable us to be successful in the Hereafter.