Immat, its Conditions and Rule

Immat and its Conditions
Imamat here means the Salaah of a Muqtadi following the Salaah of the Imam.

Rule:  There are six conditions for a person to be an Imam:

1. To Be a Muslim
2. To be a Male.
3. To be an adult
4. To be Sane
5. To have the knowledge of the rules pertaining Qira’at
6. Not to be a Ma’zoor

Rule: It is not a condition for the Imam of the women to be a male. A female can also lead the prayers, although it is Makrooh.

Rule: It is not a condition for the Imam of the Children to be an Adult. A child can also lead the prayers of other children.

Rule: Salaah behind transgressors (who beliefs contradict the fundamentals of the Islamic faith and thus have come out of the folds of Islam such as the Rafizs, Qadiyanis) is invalid, It is also invalid behind those who do not believe in the intercession, the seeing of Allah or those who deny the occurrence of punishment in the grave or the angles writing the deeds.

Rule: Similarly, praying Salaah behind today’s Wahhabis and Deobandis isnot permissible as they have shown disrespect, in fact insulted Allah and His Prophet Sallaalhu Alahi Wasllam . Rather, they support and have faith that people who have these sorts of beliefs are Muslims! Infact, they are classed as Kafir.

Rule: To Pray behind those who possess corrupt beliefs, which do not take them out of the folds of Islam, Such as the Tafdiliyyah, is makrooh-e-Tehrimi.