12th Zil hajj

12th Zil Hajj the Fifth Day and 13th Zil Hajj of the Blessed Pilgrimage

12th Zil Hajj the Fifth Day and 13th Zil Hajj

Performing the Rami of the Three Jamara after Zawaal as performed on 11th Zil Hajj.


To return to Makkah Mukarrama from Mina after the Rami of 12th is allowed but it is better to return after performing the Rami of 13th Zil Hajj in similar way. If a person intends to leave Mina on 12th then he should leave it before sunset. Departure from Mina on 12th after sunset is makrooh. If a person stayed in Mina up to the dawn of 13th Zil Hajj, then it is obligatory on him to perform the Rami after Zawaal of 13th Zil Hajj.

The Third Day of Hajj- 10th Zil Hajj

The Third Day of Hajj- 10th Zil Hajj

Start from Muzdalifa before sunrise and reach Mina in forenoon to perform the rites. After reaching Mina keep your baggage etc. safely in your cam and start to perform the rites, strictly in the following order.

Without long rest in the camp, rust to strke seven pebbles on the third Jamrah known as Jamrat Al-Uqba (Big Shaitaan) before Zawaal. For ladies and weak persons, it is allowed to perform Rami up to sunset, otherwise Makrooh. Throw the pebbles on by one, and raising the right hand. Discontinue the Talbiya with the first pebble on Jamrah. Recite the following prayer when throwing the pebbles on the Jamrah:


In the name of Allah. Allah the Most Great, I strike the pebbles to Satan to secure the pleasure of Beneficent O my Lord Allah make my Hajj accepted and my sins forgiven and my endeavor honoured.


After returning from Jamrah, go to Mazbah for sacrificing an animal. For a person (men or women) performing Tamattu or Qiran Hajj, it is obligatory to sacrifice a sheep or goat or one-seventh share in a camel or cow. It is not required from persons performing Ifrad Hajj. You can take the meat from your sacrifice for your use, this is Sunnat. The capable persons should sacrifice for your use, this is Sunnat. The capable persons should sacrifice separatelyfor Idul-Ad-haa as they do in their country but it is not applicable to the persons offering Qasr Namaaz in Makka Mukarrama.


After sacrifice you can put off the Ahram of Hajj by Halaq, i.e. by shaving the head or shortening the hair as already described under Umrah. Women should cut their lock about an inch to put off the Ahram. Now you are free of Ahram restrictions and can use your normal dress and perfumes, etc. However, the husband-wife relationship is still not allowed, unless you perform Tawaaf-e-Ziyarat.


It is better to perform this Tawaaf on 10th Zil Hajj but it can be performed up to Magrib of 12th Zil Hajj. Go to Makkah Mukarrama on the 10th afternnon and perform a usual Tawaaf-e-Sadr, return from Makkah Mukarrama to pass at least two nights in Mina. This is a Sunnat. If you have put off Ahram  beforecoming to Makkah Mukarrama then Iztibah and Ramai are not required


After Tawaaf of Ziyarat, perform a usual Saee with particular intention of Saee of Hajj. Saee may be performed without Ahram. In case you have completed Saee of Hajj before Vaqoof of Arafat then no Saee is required now.