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The Hadith of the Day

The Prophet Sallalaahu Alahi Wassalam Said: Indeed! Truth leads to peace of HEART And lie keeps a person restless and worried – Jame’ Tirmidhi Hadith No 2518

What is Fiqh

Fiqh The word fiqh has been lexically derived from the Glorious Qur’an. Allah Most High states: And it is not possible for Muslims that all should come out. Then why should not a party from each group should come out that they may gain understanding of religion and warn their people after coming back to […]

Manual of Islamic Law – Sunah & Nawafil Namaaz

Manual of Islamic Law- Sunah & Nawafil Namaaz The second category (of Sunnat) is that which is classified as Sunnat-e-Ghair Mu’akkadah, which is also known as Sunan uz Zawa’id. There has not been very much emphasis in this regard in Shariat. It has sometimes also been classified as ‘Mustahab’ (desirable) and ‘Mandoob’ (recommended), and the term […]

Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajjatul Vi’da)

Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajjatul Vi’da) The Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam was in 63rd year of his age. His entire mission was being fulfilled. He announced that he himself would be leading for Hajj. As it was the first and last Hajj, it is known as ‘Farewell Pilgrimage’. He Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam delivered sermon […]

Sunni Masjids

Details of the Sunni Masjids in and around Bangalore Sl NoName of the MasjidAddress 1 Jamia Masjid Yelahanka, Bangalore2 Masjid-e-IslamiaKogil layout, Yelahanka, Bangalore3 Jamia MasjidBilahalli Yelahanka, Bangalore4 Masjid-e-Quba Agrahara layout, Yelahanka, Bangalore5 Masjid-e-Mohammadi Bilahalli Yelahanka, Bangalore 6 Masjid-e-Allahu Akbar Bricks Factory Yelahanka, Bangalore 7 Jamia Masjid Sathanur Yelahanka, Bangalore 8 Jamia Masjid RazakPallya Yelahanka, Bangalore […]