An Engaged Couple Texting Each other

An Engaged Couple Texting Each other Question: Nowadays it is commonly seen that after engagement, the couple communicate with each other through texting or phone call. Is this Permissible? Answer: A fiancé is non-mahram, communicating with a non-mahram without...

What is Fiqh

Fiqh The word fiqh has been lexically derived from the Glorious Qur’an. Allah Most High states: And it is not possible for Muslims that all should come out. Then why should not a party from each group should come...

Manual of Islamic Law – Sunah & Nawafil Namaaz

Manual of Islamic Law- Sunah & Nawafil Namaaz The second category (of Sunnat) is that which is classified as Sunnat-e-Ghair Mu’akkadah, which is also known as Sunan uz Zawa’id. There has not been very much emphasis in this regard in...

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