About us

About us

Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Fazile-Barelvi an unparallel personality, a genius with dedication being a scholar in Islam having immense knowledge not only in the field of religion but also in other fields viz., Astronomy, Medicine, Mathematics, Calculation of timings, Science of Perspective & Optics etc etc., was a reformer & reviver of 19th Century, dedicated his entire life in reforming the society by adapting fully the substance of Qur’an & Hadees and the life & teachings of the great scholars & saints with special respect & reverence to the descendant  of our Beloved Holy Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam for the benefit of the mankind.

In the name of that great personality our institution/organization has came into being during 1995 and since then it has been rendering benefit & services to the community especially the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat

Our Mission


The main intention & objective of  forming the organization is to propagate the true faith of Islam in its right spirit and perspective as per Sunnat, Shariat and Tariqat and to preach and promote spiritualism in order to enable the men of faith to lead life as per the commandments of almighty Allah and his beloved Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam so as to achieve success in life in the material world here and also to attain the ultimate salvation in the here-after.


And as such resultantly it shall be imperative on us to protect the masses from getting slipped into the hands of corrupt and radical group and missionaries who are functioning under the label of Islam with their hidden agenda of diluting the faith of Muslims so as to bring about disunity among the people in the community and unity with fellow citizens, thereby not only derailing the faith and living of the Muslims but at the same time also jeopardizing the very corrupt of unity in diversity, national integration and universal-brotherhood.


Whereas it shall also be the main intention of the trust that it shall render benefits and services to the humanity at large and most particularly with special focus on problems faced by the women, children, aged, disabled, sick and socially and economically downtrodden sections of the society, the minorities, the widows, and destitute etc., by helping and assisting them financially or otherwise to face the challenges of life and inspire and embolden them to cope-up with the complexity of life so as to get-along with other fortunate and advanced sections of the society, thereby to enable them to lead a successful life apart from becoming dutiful and nation building citizens of the country.


A Brief Introduction of our Madrasas/Jamiat/Schools:


When we observed in Karnataka the downtrend among the people in our community, the religious awareness and consequent down fall in the field of culture and morality such as low-morale among men & youngsters & least botherness about modesty among female community, in order to make a reform in this regard we have decided to take-up an initiative & as such we started some madrasas in various locations of Karnataka in which the student are being given education purely in the light of Qur’an & Hadees so as to mould and build-up an ideal & cultural generations.


Following are some of the sub -ordinate institutions:


  • Madrasat-ul-Banaat Gulshan-e-Zahra, Bangalore-India (for Girls) – 2003: has been established in the year 2003, the same has been managed by M/s. Rida Educational & Charitable Trust ®, Bangalore since 2007 and presently there are more than 100 students getting religious and vocational education with boarding facility.


  • Jamia Bab-ul-Ilm, Tumkur-India (for Boys) -2008: presently there are more than 75 students getting religious and vocational education with boarding facility.


  • Jamia Zahra Batool, Sira-India (for Girls) – 2008: the same has been managed by a group of locals in the name of Jamia Trust, Sira since 2009 and presently there are more than 50 students getting religious and vocational education with boarding facility.


  • Jamia Syeda Nafeesat-Al-Misria, Haveri-India (for Girls) – 2010: Considering the need and humble request from the local ulemas-with-great insight and having philanthropic nature, we obliged to start a boarding madrasa exclusively for girls not only to provide education but also to accommodate the orphans and destitute girls having no parental support and also the poorest of the poor. Presently there are more than 75 students getting religious and vocational education with boarding facility.


  • Jamia Syeda Ayesha Siddiqua, Hassan-India (for Girls) – 2010: Further, in order to meet the need of the hour and also as a response to the request from the humanitarian personalities from the area, we have started the above said Jamia in a populated area in the city of Hassan. Presently there are more than 75 students getting religious and vocational education with boarding facility.


  • Darul Uloom Qadria, Hassan-India (for Boys) – 2013: Looking the school drop-out rates among the students in our community, some of the local leaders with far sight and humanitarian thinking have come forward and approached us to start a boarding Madrasa in the city of Hassan in order to prevent the students from leaving the school just because of poverty, as such we have started the above said Madrasa and presently there are more than 25 students getting both schooling and religious education.


  • Madrasa Mazhare Islam, Bangalore-India (co-education) – 2002: In order to provide deeni education for school going children, the above said madrasa has been started and functioning efficiently, feeding the religious educational needs of the local students.

Note: Imam Ahmed Raza Movement ® has been providing help, aid and supervision to various other institutions in Bangalore and outside. Apart from the above, we are planning to open madrasas and learning centre’s to provide Deeni education and training to the housewives, in various locations of Bangalore city.

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