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[URDU] Proof and Legality of Standing During Iqama

[URDU] Proof and Legality of Standing During Iqama

  امام و مقتدی کب کھڑے ھوں اقامت کے وقت   🏿اقامت کے وقت کب کھڑا ہوا جائے؟ 🏿فقہاء احناف نے اقامت میں کھڑا ہونے کے بارے میں تین صورتیں بیان کی ہیں ان کا جاننا ضروری ہے، تاکہ محل اختلاف متعین ہوجائے۔ 1⃣اول یہ کہ امام وقت اقامت جانب ...

Does Sweating Break Wudu?

Does Sweating Break Wudu? Question: I would like to know if after exercise wudu is necessary for prayer or a proper bath or ghusl due to excessive sweating. Answer: Sweating does not break Wudu or Ghusl, Yes, if the sweat gives unpleasant odour then Ghusl is recommended. However, if the ...

An Engaged Couple Texting Each other

An Engaged Couple Texting Each other Question: Nowadays it is commonly seen that after engagement, the couple communicate with each other through texting or phone call. Is this Permissible? Answer: A fiancé is non-mahram, communicating with a non-mahram without any legal (shar’i) necessity is impermissible, be it through any means. ...

What is Fiqh

Fiqh The word fiqh has been lexically derived from the Glorious Qur’an. Allah Most High states: And it is not possible for Muslims that all should come out. Then why should not a party from each group should come out that they may gain understanding of religion and warn their ...

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